3 trendy cheese and drink pairings

For cheese lovers who want to go beyond the traditional wine and cheese, rejoice! There’s a wide choice of drinks with and without alcohol to pair with cheeses! Time to think outside the box and open your mind, and appetite, to new taste associations.

Once only paired with wine, the world of fine cheese has expanded to now include all kinds of pairings. Here are three cheese and drink pairings that are sure to whet your appetite (and wet your whistle). Ciao vino, hello flavour!

Fine cheese and fruit juice? Why not!

Delicious and refreshing at any time of the day, fruit juices are a great non-alcoholic option to explore when enjoying your favourite cheeses on your own or in good company.

Soft cheese: Double Crème Bloomy Rind pairs wonderfully with apple juice or red fruit nectars such as strawberry or raspberry.

Blue veined cheese: Double Crème Blue Veined is delicious with pear juice.

Firm cheese: apple and cheese are always a winning combination when it comes to Cheddar!

If making your own juice with seasonal fresh fruit isn’t an option, shop for good quality juices that aren’t too sweet. Serve juice very cold to lessen sweetness and better bring out fruit flavours.

A cold glass of beer with cheese

Forget the chips, cheese is beer’s favourite new snacking buddy!

If having a pint is your idea of the perfect happy hour drink, you’ll love matching various types of brews with various types of cheeses.

Soft cheese: Double Crème Bloomy Rind does wonders with the spicy notes and citrusy aromas of white ales.

Semi-firm cheese: Saint-Paulin is the perfect companion to the malt and cereal flavours of blond beers.

Firm or blue veined cheese: Cheddar and Blue are delicious with amber beer known for their smoother and slightly sweet taste.

Beer is best when served chilled. If tasting several types of beer, always start with the mildest and end with the strongest. Before taking your first sip, try eating a piece of cheese to jumpstart your taste buds!

A cup of coffee or tea with your cheese plate

Experience a new taste sensation that combines the warmth of a comforting beverage and the freshness of a delicious cheese. Coffee or tea, the choice is yours!

Which cheeses go well with coffee?

Rich in taste and aroma, coffee is cheese’s new pairing partner!

Soft cheese: serve a full-bodied coffee with stronger tasting cheeses such as Double Crème Blue Veined.

Semi-firm cheese: enjoy Saint-Paulin for breakfast on a bagel, at brunch or even as dessert after a good meal. Coffee brings out its full flavour!

Firm cheese: pair a light, less aromatic coffee (filter, for instance) with a mild cheese like Gouda.

Which cheeses go well with tea?

Just as interesting as its caffeine counterpart, tea also makes for surprising flavour pairings when it comes to cheese.

Soft cheese: serve Double Crème with green tea.

Firm cheese: Swiss cheese is a revelation with white tea.

Serve tea at room temperature to release all its aromas. Try taking a small sip of tea followed by a bite of cheese. The warmth in the mouth reveals the combined flavours of both the cheese and the tea, a real treat for your taste buds.

Whether paired with juice, beer, coffee or tea, serving cheese is your invitation to discover new flavours!