Cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Cheese for every meal? Yes, please! Cheese is the perfect food to feast upon, with or without company. Healthy to eat and easy to prepare, fine cheeses are much more accessible than you might think. You just need to be bold!

With their variety of textures, flavours and tastes, Monsieur Gustav cheeses will please your taste buds at any given hour. Curious to find out more? Read these tips and tricks.

Eat Monsieur Gustav cheeses for breakfast

Switch up your morning routine and treat yourself to a breakfast worthy of Sunday brunch every day! The advantage of eating cheese in the morning is that it’s plain and simple: unwrap and you’re done. Rise and shine, firm or semi-soft cheeses on toast!

Here are some suggestions to gently awaken your taste buds:

  • Good morning Saint-Paulin! The semi-soft texture of this rich cheese is the perfect companion to a toasted bagel. Have a bite of Saint-Paulin with a cup of fresh coffee to enhance its aroma.
  • Gouda Mild pairs perfectly with filtered coffee and a slice of gingerbread or nut bread.
  • Tea lovers may opt for the slightly sweet and nutty taste of Swiss cheese that melts in the mouth.

For sweet tooths, choose the sharp taste of Cheddar combined with apple jam. Heavenly!

Eat Monsieur Gustav cheeses for lunch

Lunchtime already? When asked “What’s to eat?” answer “Cheese!” Served either hot or cold, cheese satisfies young and old appetites alike.

Here are some ideas for midday munchies:

  • Say goodbye to cheese slices and hello to a grilled cheese made with Gouda Smoke Flavoured for a quick and hearty sandwich.
  • For a change of scenery, go Hawaiian and make little skewers of Swiss cheese, ham and pineapple. Aloha exotic lunch break!

Eat Monsieur Gustav cheeses with drinks

There’s nothing like happy hour to work up an appetite! Serving cheese makes sure you don’t go hungry.

Here are some suggestions to satisfy cravings after sunset:

  • The roasted caramel taste of Gouda Old shows its colours when served on baguette.
  • It's time to crack open that bottle of ice cider you received as a gift! This sweet wine is sensational with the creamy taste of Havarti.

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Eat Monsieur Gustav cheeses for dinner

It may be quitting time, but the day’s far from over! Lucky for you, you can enjoy fine cheese before, during and even after dinner. It all comes down to a matter of taste! Prepare a cheese plate to nibble on in front of the TV. Or sit down to a last-minute raclette. Cheese makes life so much simpler!

Here are some cheesy main ideas:

  • Uncap a beer and enjoy an impromptu tasting of Cheddar cheeses, ranging from Mild to Old. You’ll get your fill of flavour
  • Fancy something hot? Dig out your raclette machine and dig into the plain, pepper and smoke flavours of the Raclette Platter.
  • Heat Double Crème in the oven for about ten minutes with pesto, balsamic vinegar and pine nuts. It’s the perfect way to end an evening!

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Eat Monsieur Gustav cheeses for dessert

Think every good meal should end on a sweet note? Think again! Forget tradition tonight and treat yourself to cheese for dessert. Firm or soft, with or without fruit, cheeses will put your great-aunt’s pie to shame.

For the ultimate in decadent desserts, heat Double Crème with chocolate and crumbled cookies in the oven for a few minutes, and garnish with pomegranate seeds.

Served at any time of the day or evening, Monsieur Gustav fine cheeses are easy to discover and devour, on your own or with company!