Double Crème cheeses, how to choose?

Double Crème cheeses score high with cheese lovers, but did you know that the Monsieur Gustav range includes three varieties that look and taste different? Learn more about these super smooth cheeses so you can pick your favourite or indulge in all three!

What is Double Crème?

No two ways about it, Monsieur Gustav Double Crème is the cream of the crop. Its soft texture and extra rich taste will butter up cheese enthusiasts everywhere.

This refined cheese comes in three equally delicious variations.

Double Crème Bloomy Rind

Double Crème Bloomy Rind owes its name to the soft white rind that is obtained through contact with mold during the cheesemaking process. This soft cheese is surface ripened, which simply means that ripening (the final step) starts on the surface and progresses inward. This results in the characteristic rind of this cheese.

Double Crème Bloomy Rind is both rich and delicate in taste. It features notes of melted butter and hot milk.

Double Crème Red Rind

You can’t miss the attractive Double Crème Red Rind! The bright colour of this surface-ripened cheese is due to bacteria growing on the surface that develop when brine salted. Consequently, it tastes a little stronger than the bloomy rind.

Double Crème Red Rind is aromatic and creamy. It presents notes of melted butter and nutty aromas.

Double Crème Blue Veined

With its fine blue-green veins and mushroom taste, Double Crème Blue Veined never fails to impress. Its distinct aroma comes from mold added during cheesemaking. This cheese is smooth on the palate, and its rind is rather thin. It combines the best of Blue cheese and Double Crème!

Double Crème Blue Veined is ultra-creamy, with a mild mushroom taste.

When to eat Double Crème cheese?

No matter the flavour, Double Crème can be enjoyed any time of the day, with or without company. Make it the star of your cheeseboard for happy hour or the hero of your crudités dish for a quiet evening on your own.

If possible, remember to take the cheese out of the fridge about an hour before eating. It will be all the creamier and delicious!

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What to pair with Double Crème cheeses?

The advantage of Double Crème cheeses? These soft and creamy cheeses are delicious served hot or cold! Their rich taste is a perfect match with both sweet and savory garnishes. The key word: indulge!

Here are some ideas to explore:

  • Serve the Double Crème Bloomy Rind with crackers and dried fruit with aperitifs.
  • Warm the Double Crème Red Rind in the oven and top with pesto, balsamic vinegar and pine nuts.
  • The rich, salty and aromatic taste of the Double Crème Blue Veined goes wonderfully with gin-based cocktails.

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How to store Double Crème cheeses?

Double Crème cheeses keep well in the fridge for up to three weeks.

To protect them, be sure to wrap them in a first layer of waxed paper and then a second layer of aluminum foil. Store in the vegetable drawer for maximum humidity.

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How to choose the best Double Crème cheese for your tastes? It’s impossible to pick just one! Deliciously creamy, the three versions of this cheese are irresistible. Taste it and you will see that your love of cheese will only grow!