How to cut fine cheese

Did you know that how a fine cheese is cut is just as important as how it tastes? Indeed, fine cheese reveals its true character when properly cut! Where one cheese is best sliced, another is better in wedges, and this is where the cut becomes important. But don’t worry, it’s easy to learn! Knowing a few basic rules will let you fully enjoy the fine cheese experience and flavours.

Become a cheese cutting expert thanks to these tips and tricks.

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Why the right cheese cut is important

Cheese comes in all sizes, shapes and textures. In fact, it’s the shape and texture of a cheese that determine how it should be cut… and ultimately eaten. This means that a runny cheese won’t be cut the same way as a hard cheese simply because of their very distinct characters.

For certain fine cheeses, the cut not only affects the taste but the texture as well. Here’s how to cut each cheese to unleash its full flavour.

How to cut round cheeses like Monsieur Gustav Saint-Paulin 190 G and Monsieur Gustav Double Crème

Saint-Paulin is a semi-soft cheese that comes either in a wheel or in pre-cut pieces. To ensure a proper cut:

  • Wheel: cut into equal wedges
  • Piece: cut widthwise and finish with the rounded upper part cut into wedges

Soft cheeses like Double Crème can be cut just like a pie, into 8 or 10 equal wedges, from the centre to the rounded edge. This guarantees a better distribution of the flavour. And don’t forget to include the rind, which makes it taste even better!

How to cut cheese wedges like Monsieur Gustav Blue

For many cheese lovers, nothing beats the smooth texture and aromatic taste of Blue cheese. This is why when you cut this semi-soft cheese, you need to make sure that each serving includes the same amount of tasty, blue-veined cheese and rind. This will avoid making anyone turn green (or blue) with envy!

Start by cutting horizontal slices up to approximately the halfway point. Then turn your knife to cut into wedges and into rectangles to include the outer edge of cheese.

How to cut rounded cheeses like Monsieur Gustav Gouda

Firm cheeses like Gouda need to be cut widthwise and then into wedges that include the rounded top part. This way, everyone gets to have their fair share of rind!

How to cut rectangular cheeses like Monsieur Gustav Cheddar, Havarti and Swiss

Cut the ultimate sharp cheese, Cheddar, into slices or small cubes that you can pop into your mouth. To add a little variety, you can even crumble it, which really enhances the flavour.

Other firm cheeses like Swiss or semi-soft cheeses like Havarti can also be cut into slices or small squares.

Pre-cut cheeses: all the taste without the guesswork!

What’s your best option when you want to keep things really simple? Say hello to pre-cut cheeses! The Snack format is perfect for hunger pangs on the go, while the Raclette Platter is ideal for a friendly brunch or a fuss-free meal with nary a knife in sight.

Any way you slice it, the art of cutting cheese is easy to pick up! You just need to practice, and sample, one cheese at a time.